How to Negotiate the Buyer’s Agent Commission

If you include a commission for the buyer’s agent in the MLS, such as 2.5% or 3%, you must pay that amount when you receive an offer. The MLS has a rule that all aspects of your offer are negotiable except for the buyer’s agent commission. This means that you cannot ask to lower the buyer’s agent commission, even if your offer is low. However, you can pay more if you wish.

Many people find this rule unfair and believe that the buyer’s agent commission should be negotiable like any other term in an offer. To address this issue, we offer the option of not paying a buyer’s agent commission. In the Realtor comments, we ask Realtors to submit their commission request with their offer. This ensures that they are comfortable showing your listing.

When they submit their client’s offer, they will request a commission, and you can then negotiate a fair commission amount because you did not commit to paying anything. If you receive a good offer and they agree to a reasonable commission, you can accept it. However, you are never obligated to accept an offer, and you are no longer required to pay a buyer’s agent commission. If the offer is low and you are willing to accept it as long as there is no buyer’s agent commission, you can do so.

This exclusive feature is optional, and with OahuRE, you can choose to offer 2%, 2.5%, or no commission at all. By not offering a commission, you can negotiate the buyer’s agent commission and have more control over the terms of your offer.

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