Flat Fee Buyer’s Representation Coming Soon

The landmark settlement from the Naitional Association of Realtors means many buyers will not be using an agent to see homes. They will see them on their own.

After all, buyers know when they see a home they like. It is a very personal decision, you don’t need an agent to tell you what you like or don’t like.

However, you might not be comfortable having the same agent that is representing the seller’s best interest representing you.

In this case we will offer a flat fee for buyers who want their own representation to negotiate the offer, and manage the escrow process to make sure they understand all their contingencies and are treated fairly.

There also might be an option to visit the property with your agent to hear what they think the property is worth and see if they point out any things you might have missed.

I am not sure on the price yet, but I can tell you our $3,500 Flat Fee Selling option is very popular, so sellers love the flat fee arrangement and buyers probably will too.