National Association of Realtors (NAR) sues Department of Justice (DOJ)!

Well, that is an interesting twist, normally it is the Department of Justice that files the lawsuits.

Monday NAR sued the DOJ for investigating NAR.

NAR says they filed “a petition to quash a request by the Department of Justice that reneges on the terms of a settlement agreement that was approved by the DOJ in November 2020.”

I do think there are things NAR could do better at.

For example, stop the MLS from hiding sold, withdrawn, and expired listings so buyers and sellers can do accurate comparables without having to use a Realtor.

Allow contact information of the listing agent or seller in the listing so buyers can call the people who know the most about the listing. It makes sense to be able to speak to the people who know the most about a property, assuming they are willing to talk to buyers.

Allow the buyer’s agent commission to be negotiated and make sure the MLS follows this rule. For some reason, everything is negotiable other than the buyer’s agent commission.

Show what the buyer’s agent commission is so buyers understand better what the seller’s costs are.

Remove the rule that prevents non-MLS listings such as For Sale by Owner listings from being shown on the same screen as MLS listings. This rule hides all other listings that choose not to use the MLS. Right now it is either list on the MLS or your listing is not getting much exposure.

Allow Realtors to post another agent’s listing on Social Media if they think their buyers would be interested in seeing or hearing about it.

If I spot a good deal and want to post it on Social Media so my buyers will know about it that would be an ethics violation for me.