Termite Inspections on Oahu Are Critical

Termite Inspections on Oahu Are Critical

Sellers should have the buyer to select the termite inspector. This is for the seller’s protection. If the seller selects the inspector and there is a mistake now it is the seller’s problem. If the buyer chooses the inspector and there is something missed it is the buyer’s issue.

Normally the inspection is done 15 days before closing. Some lenders won’t allow it to be older than 30 days and there is no need to do it right away in case the buyer cancels you don’t want to pay for it and then have the buyer cancel as you will need a new one for the next buyer.

We can order the termite inspection when the time comes, and it can be billed through escrow.

The seller almost always pays for the termite inspection. Some put actual cost which is OK because we have never seen a termite inspector charge too much.

If there are live termites then you will need to pay for the treatment, which is tenting unless tenting is not possible. If tenting is not possible spot treatment would be recommended.

Seller’s select the company to do the termite treatment.

Per paragraph L-3 if substantial termite damage is found than it has to be disclosed. This new disclosure then gives the buyer a chance to cancel if they are not comfortable with the damage found. If the damage is minimal and does not affect the property value then the buyer can’t cancel.

Termite Provisions

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