Why Does a Home That Costs $25,000 Less Cost 64% More per Month to Buy?

You really have to factor in interest rates when doing comparables now.

For example, I just ran comparables and one seller is asking $890,000, and another seller is in escrow asking $915,000.

So on the surface the $890,000 price looks cheaper. However, the one is escrow has a VA assumable loan at 2.25%.

When running the numbers I found a buyer would be paying 64% more per month for the $890,000 purchase vs. the $915,000 because of the rate difference.

So you have to consider what the rate was at the time that home went into escrow and if there was a VA or other type of assumable loan used in the purchase.

If you want to look up a mortgate rate for an earlier listing you can do so at https://www.oahure.com/MortgageRateTable.php.