Can I Pay the Buyer’s Agent 0% Commission?

The answer is yes, you can put 0% commission into the MLS. However, is that really something you want to do?

So far no one that has sold through us has tried it. The reason is if you eliminate agents showing your property, you won’t have as much demand for your property, and the lack of demand means you might have to sell for less.

The question is how much less. If you save 2% to 2.5% buyer’s agent commission but sell for 4% less than you would have with more demand, the bottom line is you lost money.

There is no sure way to know if this will happen, so most sellers elect to pay the buyer’s agent commission to increase demand and hopefully sell faster and at a higher price because of that demand.

Keep in mind about 10% of our sellers don’t pay a buyer’s agent commission because there is no buyer’s agent. This is different than putting 0% in the MLS for the buyer’s agent commission. In this case, they offered to pay the buyer’s agent 2.5%, but a buyer came to us through our Website or through Zillow and they did not have an agent and were willing to let us represent them in the purchase. You can learn more about this option from our blog post titled “How to Eliminate the Buyer’s Agent 2.5% Commission“.