Understanding Surveys on Oahu

Understanding Surveys on Oahu

We always check K-2 for our buyers. It is a complete survey. K-1 is normally NA. For condos surveys are not possible. If the home is a CPR sometimes surveys are possible and sometimes they are not possible.

K-3 Boundary Encroachments

If a property has encroachments most of the time to buyer will continue anyway.

Most encroachments have been in place for years without an issue, so the new buyer will accept them.

Sometimes they want the seller to try and get an encroachment agreement and if so the attorney at escrow can draft one.

Encroachment agreements are not automatic, the neighbor must sign it, and many times they are not willing to do so.

The buyer can terminate the Purchase Contract if they are not comfortable with the encroachments and the seller is not able to get an encroachment agreement signed by a neighbor.