When Sellers Have to Move Out

When Sellers Have to Move Out

Paragraph J-8 shown below dictates when your stuff needs to be out, but it specifically says you can stay there until closing, although with all your stuff out of the house it is more like camping in your own home should you decide to stay until closing.

Some agents will say 5 days for J-8 as they want to conduct the final walk through with everything out of the property.

Before sellers plan to move out they should have their agent confirm the closing date. If the buyer decides they need an extension to close, there is no sense moving out 5 days prior to closing. For example, most extensions are 10 to 15 days and the buyer can automatically choose to extend. If there is a 15-day extension, and the seller moved out 5 days prior to closing, now the seller is out 20 days prior to closing. As there is no guarantee the buyer will close, moving out too far ahead of time could be an issue if the buyer ends up not closing.

Each seller has to make the decision on when to move out based on the contract and based on their personal situation in terms of where they are moving to.

Unfortunately there is a risk for sellers if they do fall out of escrow they could end up paying rent at their new place plus their mortgage payment, or 2 mortgage payments if they bought a new home. To prevent the two mortgage payments situation many sellers make the purchase of their new home contingent on selling their current home. This way if the home they are selling falls out of escrow, they are not obligated to buy the new home.

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