Sellers in Buildings With Special Assessments Must Review F-8 on the Hawaii Purchase Contract

If there are any special assessments that being paid monthly paragraph F-8 is very important. Buyers will want sellers to pay any lump sum assessments prior to the Acceptance Date. They might want sellers to pay off any special assessments they are paying monthly on.

Sometimes this can be a lot of money depending on the size of the assessment, so if there is a special assessment being paid monthly sellers might want to ask that the buyer keeps paying that assessment after closing rather than paying the entire assessment at closing.

Reviewing this is critical because you don’t want to think the buyer will keep paying the assessment, then once in escrow you find out you need to pay $10K to $20K extra to pay off the special assessment.

Regarding paragraph c this rarely happens but if it does and an agreement is not reached the buyer has the right to cancel and get their deposits back.