Understanding Our $3,500 Flat Fee vs. Our 2% Full-Service Selling Options

Understanding Our $3,500 Flat Fee vs. Our 2% Full-Service Selling Options

Which selling option meets your needs best?

The big difference is with our full-service option an OahuRE.com Team Realtor will meet you in person and view the home you are selling. With our $3,500 option we do not meet you in person or see your home in person. With both options you do get full representation from start to finish.

With our $3,500 option we prefer to work via email, although we are available via phone when needed. With our full-service option, you decide with your dedicated OahuRE.com Team Realtor how you prefer to communicate. If you prefer phone calls and require in-person meetings, then full service is your best option.

With our $3,500 option I represent you. With our full service option a Realtor on the OahuRE.com Team would represent you.

With our $3,500 option I will do a Home Value Video going over a suggested price range using OahuRE.com and send you this video along with the comparables I am looking at in the video. With the full-service option, the OahuRE.com Realtor will see your home in person and provide comparables and a price range based on their in-person visit. With both options you decide the price you want to list at.

With the full-service option photos are included and we pay for them. With the $3,500 option you pay our recommended photographer around $200 for photos, or you can provide photos that you have taken yourself.

With our full-service option the Realtor from our team can do an Open House for you. With the $3,500 option you can do as many open houses as you like, but you would sit them.

So which option will meet your needs best? It depends on you. If you are used to a traditional Realtor and appreciate meeting your Realtor in person then full-service is the way to go. If you are comfortable using Email and handling a few more things yourself and like the idea of saving money on commission than the $3,500 option would be for you.

You can read more about the benefits of our $3,500 Selling Option and our 2% Full-Service Selling Option to help you make a decision.