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Is Stagflation Coming?

These two charts really point to stagflation, where inflation goes up while the GDP declines. The Atlanta Fed slashed GDP growth to just .2% down from 14% back in May. So as the expected GDP drops, the Citi Inflation Surprise Index is going up. This points to stagflation in my opinion.

Can You Pay No Buyer’s Agent Commission?

Sellers ask me all the time is it possible to sell without a buyer’s agent and thereby pay no 2.5% buyer’s agent commission. The answer is YES. We have sold 43 homes with no buyer’s agent, which saved those sellers $667,737 in buyer’s agent’s commissions. You can read more about this option from our website.

Why Realtors Want To Keep The Buyer’s Agent Commission Higher

I read an article in a Real Estate publication that was titled “6 reasons NAR’s commission rules work”. It was an article that backs up why commissions should stay the same. There is a lawsuit that contends that buyers should pay their own agent commission. Currently, buyer’s agents are paid a fixed commission from the …

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Sold For $295,000 Over Asking

Asking $885,000 in Pearl City. Sold for $295,000 over asking. Realtor comments say there may be settlement issues. The value is in the land because the lot is 11,250 square feet with R-5 zoning so it could be subdivided and two new homes built. See this link for all the photos and details.

Housing Bubble?

The way I see this chart is 1955-1998 homes prices increased just .1% over inflation. Then you have a nice increase from 1998 to 2006, but then it is offset by the decline from 2006 to 2012. Since 2012 it has been rising, and especially this last year. Over time, home prices can’t grow much …

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